Limited Time Sale for the CD!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share something with you. It is coming up on 11 months that I have been an independent musician with my own self-released album. It has been an exciting time. And I am offering a limited-time special deal for those of you who want a copy of my CD, but have held off on buying one. (You have your reasons, I understand.)

From now until May 21, I have cut the price of an online CD order for Hidden Gold nearly in HALF. From $15, to $8.50 plus shipping. (In the US that means you can get this gorgeous CD delivered to your door for a grand total of $12.80.)

Why am I doing this, you ask? Well…mostly because I’m lazy. You see, like many other SCA independent artists, I use Kunaki as my CD manufacture and delivery service. Kunaki is very cool and incredibly affordable for teeny tiny small fry like me. They only take $1.00 of every online purchase, plus 5% of the remaining price. No other service I know comes close, and there is no upfront cost to musicians to use the service.

But there is a catch. Kunaki will only keep a title active in their database for 180 days after the last purchase order. After that, they delete the title from their catalog. And yes, I’m a teeny tiny independent artist in the SCA niche with only one release to my name, so after the initial splash of the release, it has been slow going. I’m coming up on 6 months with no orders. It’s actually no big deal, I can always rebuild a new catalog entry for Hidden Gold…but I don’t wanna. So I’m doing the equivalent of moving the mouse to prevent the screen saver from locking my screen. Giving you a price incentive to buy a copy now. If you don’t buy one, it’s no big deal. BUT…look at this cover art. Our very own Duchess Caoilfhionn. And this spectacular design, by our very own Aneleda Falconbridge. (Click to see them in detail.)

This SCA, this niche of ours, we do like a physical thing for our music, right? This can be yours. Right now. Delivered to your doorstep, for a smidge more than you’d pay for it on iTunes. (Which you can totally do if you like. But it won’t keep my catalog entry open, and it won’t give you a thing.)

So if you would like this thing at this price ($8.50 plus shipping! Can you imagine?), order now. It’s ridiculously easy. (Did I mention this is a way to show your support for independent art? Even cooler, did I mention I’m donating all my proceeds for another year to a school that helps kids with special needs? Just to sweeten the deal.)

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