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Fall Crown Tourney

The East Kingdom had their fall Crown Tourney on Saturday. It was my second event working as a list herald, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. (I learned a key lesson about heralding at an event at this level–regardless what we think is the order we’re supposed to call the combatants, our job is to follow the marshals. Lesson learned.) The tourney itself was exciting and well-fought, and, slightly chilly November weather notwithstanding, a wonderful chance to catch up with friends.

It was thrilling to see Duke Kenric reclaim the throne on behalf of Duchess Avelina. Given the distance, I wasn’t able to stay for court…which meant that I missed it when my friend Aneleda Falconbridge received her writ for the Order of the Laurel. I was excited to learn of it, as it is well deserved.

The more time I spend and the more involved I get in the SCA, the more incredible I find it.

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