Top 10 Moments from Pennsic

I’m a month late sharing my top 10 Pennsic moments. My bad. Here they are now:

10. Hearing the Hidden Gold tracks playing at Camelot Treasures and McGuire’s.
9. Being an organizer for the Bardic Collegium and the Exhibition. It was a privilege to help make those things happen.
8. Sharing a stage with Marian of Heatherdale, Efenwealt Wystle, Kiersa Meise, Olivia Baker, Faye de Trees, and Gwendolyn the Graceful all in the same hour. Being lifted by the support of your comrades is indescribable.
7. Yaakov HaMizrachi performing The Book of Delights for an hour surrounded by heat lightning. (Receiving a drinking horn from him as a gift later that evening was gilding the lily.)
6. Watching Cedar the Barefoot and Mathías give their first bardic performances at the war.
5. Watching my son step out in a bardic circle and rework a camp story into a mysterious “medieval-appropriate” tale.
4. Seeing just a bit of Merchant of Venice staged without any power on Friday night. We can actually do the things we claim to be able to do.
3. Escorting Courtney Rose around merchant and having conversation with her.
2. Seeing my son carry the Okami banner into battle, and receive a stolen enemy dagger as a gift from them at the end of war.
1. Sharing a Dragon’s Blood float with my wife, and the smile on her face.

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