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Prices (and the value of music)

Now that Pennsic is over (and it won’t compete with the CD sales) I’ve lowered the price of digital downloads on CD Baby. It’s now $10, comparable to iTunes and other outlets. I realized it doesn’t make sense to price it higher than that, since that just encourages people to go to the other outlets. Buying directly from CD Baby has advantages for me and for listeners. CD Baby takes a much smaller cut than iTunes and other services, and pays out promptly (rather than months after the fact). And some listeners who want better quality will enjoy the option of getting FLAC files instead of MP3s, which they can only get from CD Baby.

If you want to own Hidden Gold, I’m content that you buy it any way you like. But I want to make a case, in any event, that while you don’t have to own it at all to listen to it, I’d like you to consider it. For one thing, Hidden Gold is a fundraiser for a cause, and I’m not keeping the money. But more generally, I believe that art has value, and the new subscription models for music are very punitive for small independent artists, particularly in the SCA. There isn’t much money to be had regardless, but if everyone decides music is a commodity they shouldn’t be expected to pay for, there is a real risk that SCA music makers may decide it isn’t worth their time and effort to keep recording it, and I think that would be a real loss.

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