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Website Spring Cleaning

For those who care about such things (cricket, cricket), I wanted to mention some updates I’ve made on this website, some of which you may already have noticed. This is all about getting everything ready for the Hidden Gold release a week from tomorrow (!!!), and making sure that this site’s organization and look-and-feel are what I think it should be in the to-be-hoped-for event that there might be more traffic coming this way. In no particular order:

  • New theme and headers. A big thank you to Aneleda Falconbridge, who designed all the art for the album, as well as the Facebook Page and this site. She also gave me theme suggestions that would improve readability and be more mobile-friendly than what I was using. (I’ve switched from Andrea to My Life.)
  • As I indicated I was going to, I have moved all the audio content to Soundcloud, which is more feature-rich. This includes tracks from Hidden Gold, a couple of which I have made public as singles. (There will be one or two more forthcoming to help promote the release.) It also means that I can reduce my annual expenses for this website by not paying the fee to support audio.
  • I’ve set up the purchase page for Hidden Gold in readiness for the release, so that I can put links to it in different places.  On June 20, when it’s released, I’ll add the links to order the CD from Kunaki and the digital downloads.  The page includes images from the album cover, front and back.
  • Which reminds me…you haven’t seen the back cover yet with the track list. Here it is.

Hidden Gold CD Art-01

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