My Voice Teacher: Lady Olivia Baker

I mentioned in my last post that Lady Olivia Baker, a phenomenal vocalist from Concordia of the Snows, has been giving me voice lessons this year. Apparently, working on my Troubadour scroll reminded Olivia that she had meant to discuss some of our vocal work in her own blog, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

Here is her post about our early work together, and her recommendations for performers about warming up their voices. I’m very grateful to Olivia for her encouragement, as well as her exacting and honest feedback on my vocal work this year. I’m also deeply grateful to Mistress Zsof, who as my Peer has made it clear she is comfortable with my working with any teacher that has help to offer me. The SCA model of mentorship and tutelage is a broad one, and styles, agreements, and outcomes will vary widely, but I am deeply happy with my experiences to date.

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