Featured on the New Bardcast Pennsic Episode!

Need more music if you’re driving up for War Week? Gideon ap Stephen has a new Knowne World Bardcast out, “Reflections on War,” and it features another track from Hidden Gold. I’m honored to share space alongside the likes of Heather Dale, Ken Theriot, Lorelei Skye, Aneleda Falconbridge, Michael Alewright, and Garraed Galbraith. It’s up on iTunes and other podcast downloading spots. Check it out!

Correction to Pennsic Site Book

If you’re at Pennsic and happen to read this before next Sunday, note that the performer listings in the printed site book have numerous errors, despite Lorelei’s best efforts. All other sources (online, kingdom publications, the Independent) are correct to the best of our knowledge. 

My concert is going to be Sunday 6 to 7, but is listed in the book as 6:30 to 7, so people going from the book will miss the first half.

Arrived at Pennsic

And, as luck would have it, guess who was 3 cars behind us in line for gate.  

Heather is only here for the weekend to set up camp, but I’m happy to provide the preview for next Sunday night at my show. :)

Album at Pennsic

For those of you heading to The Pennsic War, know that you can find Hidden Gold for purchase at Camelot Treasures (Merchant Booth 30) or Master Kenhelm (Booth 95).

Remember, all proceeds will be donated to early intervention programs for children with special needs. See you there!

Bards by Day/Bards by Night for Pennsic 44

If you’re coming to Pennsic and you’re interested in bardic activities, you probably already know about the Bards by Day/Bards by Night listing. But just in case, here is a comprehensive online list compiled by the diligent Lorelei Skye, our Dean of Performing Arts this war.

New Song: “Hidden Gold” (title track)

One final share as we all do our packing for Pennsic. I do have a new song for the war, and it’s the title track from the album: “Hidden Gold”. Yes, I’ve finally written a song with a repeating chorus you can sing along to.

It’s a very personal piece, and a reflection on the Society’s emphasis on mentoring and learning, as well as its values. Enjoy.

“Lady of the Rose” and the SCA Experience

As we get ready for Pennsic, I find myself reflecting on what it means to be part of the SCA. Of my songs, the one that speaks to that the most powerfully is “Lady of the Rose”.

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