New single: “Changeling”

I want to thank everyone who has helped us support the JCC Therapeutic Nursery through this project. This preschool provides early intervention to bright children with special needs, including our son. All proceeds from the album are being donated to the Nursery.

This track from the album was inspired by our experiences coming to terms with parenthood playing out differently than we had expected it to. If this piece touches you, I invite you to share it.

Release Concert Videos

For those who wanted to be at the release concert but couldn’t, we were able to take video. Sadly, the camera only picked up the first half of the concert, but at least we can share that part…

Reflections on the Release Concert

So I want to take a few minutes today to get down my recollections from the release concert Saturday night, before it fades. I’ll be sharing pictures and video probably later in the week for those who couldn’t be there…but I want to take a breath and step back and let my work be out there for people to enjoy if they wish, and get out of the way.

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The Release Concert Happened. 

Last night was amazing. We had some twenty thirty people in the house for the release party for “Hidden Gold”, and I got to perform the album in its entirety with a backing band. More thoughts, and photos and video, will follow. Initial sales of the album, at the event and online, are promising.

For now, I’m going to wish you all a happy Father’s Day, and spend some time with my family as well as my chosen family. I feel like a piece of metal that spent hours in the forge. It’s not a bad thing, but I am super tired. I wish everyone a happy Father’s Day, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Hidden Gold is now on sale.

It is on sale now, and the first orders are in. Buy it here. (Please share the link, and like the Drake Oranwood Facebook page, which also has a built-in online store, to spread the word!)

Single: Tam Lin of the Elves (feat. Heather Dale)

“Hidden Gold” goes on sale tomorrow. We’re actually at that point. The release party is all set, we have rehearsed. Time to drop the last song that I promised.

About five seconds after I finished writing “Tam Lin of the Elves” (actually, probably before I finished writing it), I knew whose voice I wanted for the Faerie Queen. There was really never any question who was my first choice, a voice that could hold beauty and chilling menace in perfect balance. And when I asked her, she didn’t hesitate. Getting to record her vocals in my basement was one of the highlights of the process of making the album. It was kind of a one-hour master class in studio performance.

It is with great delight that I share this song, with Heather Dale’s vocals on it.

Featured in The Knowne World Bardcast!

As promised, a new song is now available for you to hear. Episode 3 of The Knowne World Bardcast is now online (and available on iTunes and SoundCloud). It’s “Kingdom Anthems Part II”, but Gideon had space for a bonus track: “The Bastard’s Tale”!