Studio Day: “Call Me Will”   Leave a comment

I’m feeling momentum building on the album the last few months. Paul Butler (Arden of Icombe) just spent the afternoon with me, and we have now recorded most of the strings for “Call Me Will”. We also cleaned up the strings for “Tam Lin of the Elves” and “The Last Plantagenet”, something I’ve been looking forward to for months. (Squee.)

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New Demo: “Lady of the Rose”   Leave a comment

In preparation for my recording session with Don Levey, I got another GarageBand quickie demo together to build the song from–this time it’s “Lady of the Rose”.

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Studio Day: Special Guest Guitarist   Leave a comment

I’m pleased to report that Don Levey has lent his prodigious guitar talent to three tracks for the “Hidden Gold” album: “Call Me Will”, “The Name of the King”, and “Lady of the Rose”. Bit by bit, the project is moving forward.

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Start of summer check in   1 comment

Heading off for some much needed vacation (mundane, not all the wonderful camping events coming up the next two weeks, but still). Projects are proceeding apace. I have a new demo for “Lady of the Rose” that I’ll post when I get back. Also on returning I get some quality time with Don Levey (fellow bard, he of the guitar in my first YouTube video of “The Bastard’s Tale” in my living room), and we should be laying down tracks for maybe three more songs to move them forward.

Additionally, I’m pleased to report that my latest assignment is coming along. I’ve been instructed to pick up my guitar, shake the rust off it, and learn to accompany myself on John Dowland’s “Come Again”. (I’m playing only the top notes, not all the chords, but I’m playing a full contrapuntal rhythm which is tricky while singing.) As of today, I’m pleased to say I can sing and play the piece off book (I’m currently just singing the first verse…this is a one-verse arrangement), nearly at speed, although my fingers do stumble on some of the sixteenth-note runs. Still, it sounds like a song, and it’s been a long time since I actually tried to seriously play anything on guitar, let alone finger picking.

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Album’s Title Track is Written   Leave a comment

A brief check in (and a bit of a tease)…

In the year and a half I’ve been working on this album (which should be ready to drop next summer at Pennsic 44), I’ve spent some time pondering a title. Early this year, I realized I had a song that would serve as the perfect title track for the overall work, and bring the number of tracks to the 12 I want to include on it.

Only one niggling detail: I hadn’t actually written the song yet. I had a title, a theme, a tune, and even a chorus, but I hadn’t broken the story, so I had no idea what to do for the verses.

I broke the story a week ago, and today, I reached out to put words on a page and they finally came. I have a complete first draft.

I boldly leap now, and announce that my first album will officially be titled: Hidden Gold.

You know, unless something changes.

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Studio Day: Special Guest Vocalist(!!!)   Leave a comment

Guest Vocalist

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Heather Dale house concert   Leave a comment

We’re counting the minutes until Heather Dale and her band mate Ben Deschamps arrive for a house concert! I’ve written about Heather regularly on this blog. My family is very proud to be hosting her as part of her final planned house concert series. (Squee.)

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