Studio Day: Instrumental Work Is Complete   Leave a comment

Master Arden of Icombe just got in his car, and the final cleanup of all the instrumental tracks for “Hidden Gold” is complete. Now it is all down to me. 

My friendship with Paul Butler began 30 years ago, when he and I met at performing arts camp. It was a fun, quirky connection, and though we didn’t actually stay in touch after the summer, we did have one collaboration at the time that stayed with me: he ran an RPG of his own design, and I rolled up a character to play through a dungeon full of brain puzzles. I decided to create an avatar, my fantasy counterpart. The name? “Drake Orinwood”, which became my character name ever since. (The last name was changed slightly to pass the submission heralds when I registered it in the early 90’s.)

I bumped into Paul online three years ago when I started checking out the bardic scene and launched the Facebook group. If I hadn’t had that years-old, long-dormant connection, I don’t know if I ever would have had the guts to ask him for his help on this project. But having earned a Laurel in period music, and having studied (and learned to play, and indeed make) a stunning variety of period instruments, Arden of Icombe was the ideal partner (along with Dave Lambert) to bring my vision for a bardic album to life. 

Thanks again, Paul, for two years of fun and hard work, and for teaching me what is possible if I just have the courage to ask. 

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The Great Demo Purge of 2015   Leave a comment

Okay. I don’t think this is really going to break that many hearts, but I will preface this by saying no, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. Honest. Read the rest of this entry »

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New Facebook Page   Leave a comment

On your left, you’ll notice there is now a widget for the Drake Oranwood Facebook page.  Consider it war paint as we gear up to release the “Hidden Gold” album.  All the cool kids are doing it. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Knowne World Bardcast   Leave a comment

In case there are some of you that haven’t heard yet, an intrepid adventurer by the name of Gideon ap Stephen has taken upon himself to drag the bardic, and the larger SCA, community into the 21st century by launching a bardic podcast.  The Knowne World Bardcast made its debut this week on SoundCloud (And should be available on iTunes and other podcasting outlets very soon).  To my honor and delight, I was invited to be part of the panel discussion about building bardic community, which appears in the second half of the show.  There is now internet radio for bards!  This is a thing!

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Studio Day: The Guitar Work Is Done (No, Really)   Leave a comment

I just dropped Dave off at the train, and all the guitar work for “Hidden Gold” is complete. While there are still two more recording sessions to do with other people (one more instrumental day with Arden, and one more female vocalist for “Lady of the Rose”), this marks a major milestone for the project. Dave was the first person I asked to collaborate on this with me, and when he said yes, it gave me the courage to ask others. He has been my co-producer and my mentor. Most of what I know about how to record music I learned from him. I know Dave is excited to reach the goal line too (though not as much as his wife Kathleen–thank you, Kathleen! I could never have done this without your kindness and patience).

And now, back to life for today. There will be lots of mixing and editing to do this week, but not today.

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My Parting Gift to Lucien: “The Well”   Leave a comment

This is long overdue, but other things kept getting in the way of posting it.  Back at East Kingdom Twelfth Night in January, I transitioned teachers from Maistre Lucien de Pontivy of the East Kingdom to Mistress Zsof Tyzes of the Midrealm.  I alluded to an exchange of gifts.  I wrote a special piece as my farewell gift to Lucien, and I have been graciously permitted to share it.

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Milestone: 12 tracks in progress   Leave a comment

So I don’t want to give the impression that I’m more “done” than I am, because there’s still a lot of cleanup left. But for two years, I’ve planned an album with 12 tracks on it. And today, for the first time, I’m looking at the listing on my iPhone. And it says “12 songs, 50 min”. (Of course the last one’s a poem, but the iPhone doesn’t know that.)

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